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why race as a biological construct matters gene expression - my own inclination has been to not get bogged down in the latest race and iq controversy because i don t have that much time and the core readership, amazon com why race matters 9780983891031 michael - race matters because the races differ in average qualities necessary to creating and maintaining a thriving society these are intelligence obedience to the law and, race evolution and behavior rushton - race evolution and behavior a life history perspective 2nd special abridged edition professor j philippe rushton university of western ontario, race human categorization wikipedia - defining race modern scholarship views racial categories as socially constructed that is race is not intrinsic to human beings but rather an identity created, race the power of an illusion background readings pbs - interview with richard lewontin edited transcript richard lewontin alexander agassiz professor emeritus of zoology at, human biodiversity reading list hbd - sections new to hbd hbd dictionary hbd general on reality of race fraudulent science to disprove existence of race ethnocentrism ethnic genetic interests, which population is most genetically distant from africans - aaaarrrgh the charts don t answer the question tree thinking may not come naturally but it doesn t matter because a tree is a poor fit to human, human intelligence the bell curve - a human intelligence hot topic reporting on the publication the bell curve, the artificial intelligence revolution part 1 wait but why - part 1 of 2 the road to superintelligence artificial intelligence the topic everyone in the world should be talking about, the new humans indigos 5th root race china s super - a new race of human beings has emerged whilst superficially they are undistinguishable however they are the part of the next wave of the bringers, the toxoplasma of rage slate star codex - the backlash to peta brings to mind the recent complaints of uber surge pricing that is people complaining about something that would otherwise not exist, race history evolution notes oversized penile length in - n a said 1 there s a small positive correlation between height and penis size within populations but i know of no evidence secular increases in height have been, why jews must believe in jesus real jew news - why don t jews believe in jesus isn t he the promised messiah as foretold by the prophets in the old testament he most certainly is problem is jews