Plants Of The Gods Their Sacred Healing And Hallucinogenic Powers -

plants of the gods their sacred healing and - a specialist in the cultural use of psychoactive plants christian ratsch is the author of numerous books including gateway to inner space the dictionary of sacred and magical plants and the forthcoming encyclopedia of psychoactive plants a resident of germany he is currently serving as the president of the german society for ethnomedicine, plants of the gods origins of hallucinogenic use richard - plants of the gods is a comprehensive reference work on psychoactive botanicals it provides a definition of plant hallucinogens and information on phytochemical research on sacred plants geography of usage and botanical range the chemical structures of these substances and the use of hallucinogens in medicine, plants of ayahuasca shamanism ayahuasca com - psychotria viridis chacruna indigenous names chacruna amirucapanga kawa kui rami appani taxonomy rubiaceae coffee family comments the foliage of psychotria viridis is a principle admixture of ayahuasca potions employed throughout amazonian peru ecuador and brazil prepared with banisteriopsis caapi to make the ceremonial healing medicine ayahuasca, occultic checklist a m christian connection - occultic checklist a m see also checklist n z i looked up the word occult in dictionary com and this is what it said 1 of or relating to magic astrology or any system claiming use or knowledge of secret or supernatural powers or agencies, ipomoea violacea morning glory entheology com - potent psychoactive varieties of i violacea include heavenly blue pearly gates flying saucers wedding bells blue star and summer skies by far the most well known variety is heavenly blue followed by pearly gates flying saucers reportedly contain more active alkaloids than other varities but the seeds are often difficult to find and as a result may be quite expensive, argyreia nervosa hawaiian baby woodrose entheology com - hawaiian baby woodrose seeds are perhaps one of the least understood of modern day entheogens and exotic botanicals there is much controversy in regards to its true place in shamanic and traditional history outside of its native culture and home india beautiful woody flowering vine that grows well in full sun on a trellis the leaves are large downy and have velvety white hairs