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king david jewish virtual library - the biblical king david of israel was known for his diverse skills as both a warrior and a writer of psalms, amazon com king david a biography 9780195147087 - in king david steven mckenzie attempts to write an historical biography of david he states that much of this biographical information is widely accepted among scholars but unfamiliar to laypeople, king solomon jewish virtual library - the biblical king solomon was known for his wisdom his wealth and his writings he became ruler in approximately 967 b c e and his kingdom extended from the euphrates river in the north to egypt in the south his crowning achievement was the building of the holy temple in jerusalem, a picture book of martin luther king jr picture book - david a adler is the author of many popular books for children including biographies math books and judaica his strong interest in history and biography led to his bestselling picture book biography series, king david hotel bombing wikipedia - the king david hotel bombing was a terrorist attack carried out on monday july 22 1946 by the militant right wing zionist underground organization the irgun on the british administrative headquarters for palestine which was housed in the southern wing of the king david hotel in jerusalem 91 people of various nationalities were killed and 46 were injured, martin luther king jr biography facts britannica com - mortal shooting of the rev martin luther king jr the most prominent leader of the american civil rights movement on april 4 1968 as he stood on the second floor balcony of the lorraine motel in memphis tennessee where he had come to lead a march by striking sanitation, country music music news new songs videos music shows - get the latest music news watch video clips from music shows events and exclusive performances from your favorite artists discover new country music on cmt, king david history of king david aish com - king david established jerusalem as israel s capital over 3 000 years ago king david is one of the most important figures in jewish history born in 907 bce he reigns as king of israel for 40 years dying at age 70 in 837 bce there is so much that can be said about him some people like to focus, henry ii biography accomplishments facts - henry ii henry ii king of england 1154 89 who greatly expanded his anglo french domains and strengthened the royal administration in england his quarrels with thomas becket archbishop of canterbury and with members of his family ultimately brought about his defeat