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great paintings karen hosack janes amazon com - a sumptuous visual guided tour of sixty six of the world s greatest paintings ranging from works by zhang zeduan a twelfth century chinese master to modern masterpieces by rothko and anselm kiefer, great artists the lives of 50 painters explored through - great artists the lives of 50 painters explored through their work robert cumming on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers a chronological compendium of fifty great artists and their most important works spans six centuries of world art and encompasses biographical profiles and information on style, copies by vincent van gogh wikipedia - copies by vincent van gogh form an important group of paintings executed by vincent van gogh between 1887 and early 1890 while at saint paul asylum in saint r my de provence france where van gogh admitted himself he strived to have subjects during the cold winter months seeking to be reinvigorated artistically van gogh did more than 30 copies of works by some of his favorite artists, dutch golden age painting wikipedia - a distinctive feature of the period is the proliferation of distinct genres of paintings with the majority of artists producing the bulk of their work within one of these the full development of this specialization is seen from the late 1620s and the period from then until the french invasion of 1672 is the core of golden age painting artists would spend most of their careers painting only, australian aboriginal artists buy art online japingka - profiles of leading australian aboriginal artists see a wide selection of quality paintings for sale with guaranteed authenticity at japingka gallery, links to other sites of interest great works - this section is organised by name of blog or website equivalent section in quick links is organised by name of poet 30 feet high the official dm black website static site contains details of d m black s poetry reviews of his work links to other poetry sites and details of his publications, romanticism movement artists and major works theartstory - francisco goya francisco goya was an eighteenth century spanish painter and is considered by many to be the father of modern painting informed by the baroque style and the classicists goya s art was part of the romanticism movement but also contained provocative elements such as social critiques nudes war and allegories of death, golden ratio in art composition and design - the golden ratio is found in the design and beauty of nature and has been used by many artists to achieve the same aesthetics in art composition as well, social science history society and science history timeline - a time line from before writing began to the present linked to andrew roberts book social science history and to other resources, vancouver island artist directory - the arts directory provides information about artists living and working on vancouver island british columbia canada all vancouver island artists are invited to add their art listing to the directory, the essential vermeer glossary of art related terms d i - dead color dutch dood verf dead color in dutch dood verf which is the equivalent of today s term underpainting is a more or less monochrome version of the final painting which gives volume suggests substance substantiates the principal compositional elements and distributes darks and lights the lack of color used in the term probably explains the word dead