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corvette c3 1968 1982 how to build and modify - the c3 corvette s swooping fenders and unmistakable body style capture the imagination and make it an enduring classic about a half million corvettes were sold between 1968 and 1982 and the unique shark s combination of style handling and v 8 performance is revered, how to restore and modify your corvette 1968 1982 - how to restore and modify your corvette 1968 1982 motorbooks workshop richard newton on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers hands on restoration tips that emphasize mechanical modifications for improved reliability and performance this extremely thorough guide walks you through the finer points of modifying and restoring all 1968 82 corvette models, 1979 l48 quadrajet rebuild forums official c3 vette - buy now motor trend only 5 for 12 issues corvette 50th anniversary the corvette dynasty hardcover collector s originality guide corvette 1968 1982 paperback, 1996 c4 corvette ultimate guide overview specs vin - the collectors edition corvette received a specialized hood ornament as well as other unique trim markings if the special edition corvette was a welcome addition the limited edition grand sport was nothing short of a game stopper, drift missiles corvettes could be the next big thing - low cost imports have been dominating the american drift scene but now people are realizing corvettes make awesome drift missiles recently it s been noticed that corvettes are starting to show up more and more in the drift community that makes a lot of sense to us the amount of people