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circuit analysis for dummies 1st edition amazon com - of all the dummies books and i ve reviewed dozens this is the least likely to fit the series philosphy as a beginner s book still by definition if you get a book on fourier transforms for dummies for example the title is already an oxymoron, circuit analysis for dummies cheat sheet dummies - from circuit analysis for dummies by john santiago when doing circuit analysis you need to know some essential laws electrical quantities relationships and theorems ohm s law is a key device equation that relates current voltage and resistance, circuit analysis and mesh current equations dummies - by john santiago mesh current analysis loop current analysis can help reduce the number of equations you must solve during circuit analysis mesh current analysis is simply kircholff s voltage law adapted for circuits that have many devices connected in multiple loops, engineering circuit analysis william hart hayt jack e - engineering circuit analysis william hart hayt jack e kemmerly on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers well known for its clear explanations challenging problems and abundance of drill exercises which effectively instill intuitive understanding in students