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home page alaska department of fish and game - official home page for the alaska department of fish and game, sport fisheries alaska department of fish and game - alaska is a world renowned sport fishing destination in fact in this land of 3 000 rivers 3 million lakes and 6 640 miles of coastline a sport angler s greatest challenge can just be deciding where to go, icicle seafoods inc locations petersburg alaska - welcome to petersburg fisheries thank you for your interest in our web site and employment opportunities with us if you are going to come to alaska to work choose an established seafood company with excellent employee and fisherman relations, department of commerce community and economic development - public notices oct 18 alaska native language preservation advisory council oct 20 notice of adopted changes to the regulations of the board of nursing oct 20 notice of adopted changes to the regulations of dcced cbpl occupational licensing fees for concert promoters oct 20 notice of adopted changes to the regulations of dcced cbpl occupational licensing fees for marine pilots, official website of aleutians east borough alaska - king cove ak sept 19 2018 several state and local officials traveled to king cove today to participate in the city s dedication and ribbon cutting ceremony of waterfall creek the community s second hydroelectric facility, akutan official website of aleutians east borough alaska - although akutan is one of the busiest fishing ports in the country it is one of the most traditional aleut communities in the borough as well, yakutat and it s history johnny s east river lodge - glacier bay national park and preserve national park service yakutat district office glacier bay nat l park preserve p o box 137 yakutat alaska 99689 907 784 3295, fishing and hunting workers occupational outlook - the median annual wage for fishing and hunting workers was 28 530 in may 2017 the median wage is the wage at which half the workers in an occupation earned more than that amount and half earned less, seafood commerce certification noaa fisheries - noaa fisheries works to ensure confidence in u s seafood by protecting and strengthening the seafood market through global trade establishing partnerships with industry and consumer groups providing seafood inspection services and analyzing seafood safety risks, eagles internet center for wildlife damage management - identification eagles are the largest bird of prey in north america when hatched eaglets have thick light colored down that is replaced with dark feathers within 5 to 6 weeks, seasonal distribution of dall s porpoise in prince william - dall s porpoise phocoenoides dalli are a conspicuous predator in the prince william sound ecosystem yet there has been little effort directed towards monitoring this species since the 1980s prior to the exxon valdez oil spill we used vessel based surveys to examine the seasonal distribution of dall s porpoise in the waters of prince william sound during eight years from 2007 to 2015, crc handbook of marine mammal medicine amazon com - this book was a real godsend i live in a relatively isolated area in northern alaska so when my walrus developed an abscessed tooth i was in real trouble, controlling bird damage from hawks and owls icwdm home page - introduction hawks and owls are birds of prey and are frequently referred to as raptors a term that includes the falcons eagles vultures kites ospreys northern harriers and crested caracaras, the directory of environmental organizations and - keep u s population under 1 2 billion tell your u s representative and your two u s senators to decrease overall immigration levels in any new immigration bills